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On 7 May, 2019, google announced Kotlin to be the preferred language for developing android apps. Although Java has been used for Android for more than 10 years now. It begs the question, what should you choose now? Java or Kotlin?

To answer this question, first you need to ask yourself, who are you?

Are you a beginner who has little to moderate programming experience and wants to dive into the vast sea of Android?

If the answer is yes, go for Java.
First get a good depth on the basics of the language. Get a clear understanding on Object Oriented Programming. Then start building android projects.
The reason to choose Java for beginners is simple. It’s easy to learn, as you’ll get a lot of free and paid resources around you. At the beginning, you’ll be facing a lot of bugs and errors. Thanks to the huge community of both java and Android developers, you can always google the problem and get a solution.

On the other hand, Kotlin is still relatively new. Though it’s gaining popularity exponentially, good resources and communities are still in their early stages.
Kotlin actually runs on JVM (java Virtual Machine). So, for adapting Kotlin in the future, having good knowledge of Java is a big advantage. It makes understanding of Kotlin much easier.

But, if you have experience in java (or in android) and know all the inner workings of the java language,

go for Kotlin.

It will make your life easier. Less boilerplate code, Null safety, Coroutines are the top selling point of the language.

It supports Interoperability. That means, you can write Both java and Kotlin code in the same project. And they will work just fine.

It supports all the modern programming concepts and paradigms, codes are way more readable and concise.
Some even say, it’s a better version of Java.

So, for beginners, Java first and gradually to Kotlin. But for experienced people, Kotlin is a must for Android development.



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