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Tetraverge Developed

Fully custom awesome app for veterinarians or trainers

At the moment, about 47% of people in the United States have a pet, and the demand for pets is growing worldwide. People spend a lot to keep their pets well. Now People want pet treatment and training at home at low cost. And so you can give that service to people through your own app. We will make your own fully custom app based on your requirements.

Pet owners will get pet related services from home at a low cost, Vets or trainers will be able to make a good income and his brand

It’s not just an app, it’s a useful medium to get help from an expert


Pet Service at home

Users of the app will be able to get your pet service from home, ask you any pet related questions, upload any kind of report. And be able to request your advice.


Control Panel

You will get a very easy to use control panel, with which you can easily communicate with users, give them treatment or training.
You will be able to control the app and register users.


Your profit

The app will automatically deduct your set service charge from users, and you can also set a monthly service charge if you wish.

How does this App Work?

Make a Users Profile

Users will first register in the app, and add the information of their pet. He will able to see some free pet related tips.

Request for Advice

If the user has a problem with his pet then he can easily take your advice through this app, If you ask him to upload a report, he will be able to upload it immediately, You can see it and give him advice through the app

Easy Service Pay

When a user will request your advice the app will automatically deduct the service charge from the user.

Attractive and Responsive Design for All Devices with Quality

This app is designed to be very premium and easy so that users can use it very easily. Its options will be neat and nice, this app will attract people with its design. It will support all the device screens responsively. 

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Vet Review

I am a veterinarian from Canada, I created an app from Tetraverge to offer my services online. Many Canadians are now using my app. Tetraverge work is truly amazing, The best part is I can take their support whenever I want.

– Michel Strac