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Interioforest - App for Inner Gardening Business

We have created the InterioForest app and delivered it to our Indian client, This app is made for the gardening business, it will contain data of clients and staff. It will also have different designs of gardens. There will be information on different plants and their care issues. We are happy to contribute to our client’s gardening business.

Awesome Apps Features

This app can track the staffs and clients details

Design & Branding

This app shows the interior gardening designs to the client

Keeps Track Data

This app store data to it's database of clients and office workers

Barcode Scanner

This app has a barcode scanner to track the plants data

How does this App Work?

Easy Admin Panel

Admin Panel to control the app data and register clients and staff.

Easy Connectivity

Clients and staffs can easily connect with each other.

Store Plants and Gardens Data

This app store the data of plants and gardens different places and clients.


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